Classical Ballet Classes

5 years – 18 years

Classical Ballet

A great activity for boys and girls alike!

Encouraging fitness, flexibility and fun while they learn new skills and meet new people. Learning the differences and the beauty from stillness to large leaps, Ballet is a foundation block and one of the oldest and most elegant forms of dance.

Developing strength, flexibility, line, correct posture and grace, each child will grow and develop through their own personal ballet journey. It encourages careful planning, goal setting, patience and self-motivation which are beneficial to all aspects of life.

Ballet Classes for kids from 5 years of age.
At The Dance and Theatre Factory we teach the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, Open Ballet classes and offer private tuition. Examinations are offered from the age of 6 years and can award the students internationally recognised qualifications issued by the RAD.

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Classical Ballet 4 Years

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From recreational dance classes for kids to the aspiring star performer we have a technique and style to suit all abilities and ages.

Package your dance classes with drama and singing classes for the full Musical Theatre experience or extend your training to accelerate your learning and achieve recognition and qualifications.

Dance Start and Musical Theatre Start

Dance Start (incl Jazz and Tap Start), Acro Start and Musical Theatre Start

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The Dance and Theatre Factory Jazz & Tap

Jazz and Tap

The Dance and Theatre Factory Hip Hop & Acro

Hip Hop & Acrobatics

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Lyrical and Contemporary

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Drama and Singing

The Dance and Theatre Factory Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

The Dance and Theatre Factory Examinations & Performance

Examinations, Performances, VET & Private Tuition

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