Dance Start For Tinies 2 – 4 Years,
Musical Theatre Start For Tinies 4 – 5 Years

Dance Start – Jazz Start.
Movement, Music & Imagination!

DANCE START is a creative dance / drama program for kids aged 2-4 who love to move, dance and play.

JAZZ START is a fun and energetic class accompanied by popular and modern music for children and introduces a different style of movement.

Our Dance Start classes encourage your child to join in imaginative and creative movements. Costumes, stories and props are playfully incorporated to inspire your child to move, to have fun and to learn the basics of Dance and make new friends while growing in confidence and learning invaluable skills such as listening and waiting their turn that aid in their development and progress towards school. Students can participate in Dance Start (classical ballet) or Jazz Start

Jazz Start 9:00am or Dance Start 9:30am Monday to Friday

$150.00/term or $190/term for both classes.

Dance Start Classes 2-4 Years
Musical Theatre Start 5-8 Years

Musical Theatre Start – Acting, Music & Movement!

A fun combination of dance, drama and singing, The Musical Theatre classes for kids aged 4 – 5 years are delivered as individual jazz classes, tap classes, drama classes and singing classes. Classes are timetabled to follow each other and can be packaged to suit each child and what they enjoy most.

From $150/term 8:45am – 11:00am Saturday.

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Our Classes

From recreational dance classes for kids to the aspiring star performer we have a technique and style to suit all abilities and ages.

Package your dance classes with drama and singing classes for the full Musical Theatre experience or extend your training to accelerate your learning and achieve recognition and qualifications.

Dance Start and Musical Theatre Start

Dance Start and Musical Theatre Start

The Dance and Theatre Factory Ballet


The Dance and Theatre Factory Jazz & Tap

Jazz and Tap

The Dance and Theatre Factory Hip Hop & Acro

Hip Hop & Acrobatics

The Dance and Theatre Factory Lyrical & Contemporary

Lyrical and Contemporary

The Dance and Theatre Factory Drama & Singing

Drama and Singing

The Dance and Theatre Factory Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

The Dance and Theatre Factory Examinations & Performance

Examinations, Performances, VET & Private Tuition

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Dance? Act? Sing? Your way! Come and try new styles today. Join us at The Dance and Theatre Factory! New enrolments welcome anytime.