Importance Of Neat Hair And Uniform

We completely understand that a lot of the time you are rushed after school and sometimes deal with tired and not so happy children who want to wear the latest and most fashionable pieces of dance clothing but it is of utmost importance that they come into class at TTF wearing our TTF uniform with correct shoes, tights and neat hair.

We will give you some reasons why below but in case you are wondering all Ballet, dancers should have a neat and secured bun in their hair. For Jazz and Tap a neat and secure ponytail is fine. If your child’s hair is not long enough then a style that is completely off their face eg: Half up/Half down will be ideal for class.

So why do we prefer these styles, why can’t your child just appear in class wearing anything and have their hair flying all over the place?

Respect and Presentation:

Respect for dancing is an obvious one. This is carried forward through life as it becomes second nature to dress appropriately for everything they do; including school, dance class and work. Presentation is how you finish everything off. The correct dress code is a part of this. Leotards & tights for Ballet class, shorts and singlet for Jazz! You look the part, you feel the part. Presentation is the icing on the cake.

Focus and concentrate to become a better dancer:

When a student isn’t dressed appropriately they start fidgeting and not concentrating on their teacher or their movements. They may miss corrections and hold up the class if the teachers has to help tidy them up. A student that is neat and tidy can perform steps with ease and control without fidgeting.

Preparing for Performance and Exams:

Not every child will take part in exams but at some stage will perform and take part in our annual Concert. Our body remembers through muscle memory. How we learn a step is how we perform it. If students learn to master steps/routine incorrectly due to untidiness then that’s how they will perform it. Untidy hair may result in them flicking or whipping their hair while dancing and this movement will carry through even when their hair is appropriate at performances. It will not be controlled and will most likely be very messy on stage.

Why the ballet bun:

Did you know that when your hair is pulled up your posture is actually pulled up more. The hair gets pulled up and everything else too. Beyond the aspect of posture though, when your hair is pulled up in a ballet bun it exposes a line that is created by the shoulders, neck, arms and back which allows your dance instructors to easily see your dance technique and make corrections. When your hair is down or covering this line a lot can be hidden.